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August 2018


Project Meetings

During the project there are planned 5 meetings and 4 transnational workshops. The main aims of these meetings are to know the premises of the institutions, to study and observe the activities thay they are carring out, information transfer, exchanging experiences and good practices. Furhtermore, the meetings will allow the necessary communication among the partners for an exchange of knowledge and best practises. Thanks to these meetings, the mobilities will be achieved.

Craiova, Romania, 17th – 20th of November 2011The 1st PARTNERSHIP MEETING and workshop “Multidisciplinary and collaborative team approach in managing neuromuscular disorders”
Meeting theme and aims:
  • - getting to know each other
  • - to have a clear picture of the project, overview of deliverables and upcoming time-schedule
  • - to discuss any possible changes, difficulties with partners
  • - to define the frames of activities
  • - to discuss further milestones and fix the calendar of activities
  • - to establish the responsibility of each partner and distribution of roles/tasks
  • - to sign the Mutually agreement of the Partnership
  • - to give awareness and overview about neuromuscular diseases and multidisciplinary model of care
  • - know how transfer, exchanging information/experiences and good practices
  • - to increase knowledge and personal skills of project learners

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  • mary down:

    The University of Craiova Romania was the base for this first meeting of the project. Under the guidance of Eugenia Rosulescu the objects of the project were set out and discussed. Among others , to give people living with Neuromuscular diseases more understanding of standards of care and treatment. Improve multidisciplinary team care, create a web site and guide books and enable the parteners in the project to share opinions.
    On this first visit we all had a lot of opportunity to get to know one another and discuss a wide range of experiances and issues.
    As the grandmother of a young boy with Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy living in Great Britain, I found this first visit to Romania a window into the world wide concerns and challenges facing families who have children with neuromuscular diseases.

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